• Post Holes Hamilton

Spring is here with Post Holes Hamilton!

It is finally the time of year where we can take our snow shovels and let them have a rest until next year! So, lets take out our fence and deck plans and let Post Holes Hamilton drill your posts! We are the number one post hole diggers in the Hamilton area. Our mature team of post holes & sono tube experts are waiting to take the tough work out of your deck and fence projects.

Not only do we drill or auger post holes in the Hamilton area but we set the posts as well. We also provide the concrete, our concrete is always mixed onsite and not in the hole. Here at post holes Hamilton we always warranty our work against frost heave for 2 years. If you have an issue we will gladly fix the post. Remember our post hole machine is 37 inches wide for most access to most backyards. We also hand dig holes as well. Our team will take care of the locates the clearances from bell, hydro, cable and gas. So give us a call anytime!

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