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Post Holes Hamilton takes care of the Utility Locates!

Our team will take care of the Locates. We look after the locates for each and every homeowner. Don't be fooled by other companies telling you to call in the locates. The responsibility is on the Contractor drilling your holes. We have the insurances and it is our job to take care of the utility clearances. Remember, when calling in the Locates sometimes the utility companies can run behind time and sometimes the locates can be delayed. We do everything in our power to keep on the utilities daily to make sure we can dig on the scheduled date. Call Ontario One Call and they will tell you to have the contractor call the locates. You do not want to be held responsible for hit lines. Not every property is cut and dry, sometimes utility lines are burried only 8 inches. Our crew the other day found a gas line buried less than 8 inches. We also found utility lines on alreay built fence lines. So give us a call we are here to help with your fence building process.

Master Post Hole Hamilton your post holes Hamilton specialists!

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