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Excavators of post holes are responsible to call the locates not the Homeowner!

Master Post Holes Hamilton Requires Locates We call them in!!

No matter what province you live in, it’s important to locate underground utilities before you start any project that disturbs ground. If you live in Ontario, “call before you dig” is the law. In 2012, Ontario passed groundbreaking legislation which requires contractors and homeowners to locate buried lines and pipes before they break ground (excuse the pun).

Post Hole Contractors call the locates not the homeowners. Do not be fooled by companies telling homeowners to call. Call 1.800.2255 to verify contractors call not you!

If you are doing the digging for post holes or excavating post holes in Hamilton or in Ontario, you’re responsible for getting a locate. Be sure you leave enough time to get the locate before starting the project.

If a contractor tells you to call run away!!!! Find a company that will call it is the excavators responsibility to call before the set your post holes! You do not want to be liable for damages resulting from a double fines and court!

Post Holes Hamilton underground utilities

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